Friday, May 27, 2005

Lazying around whole day

Trying to upload pictures here and I find it so so so troublesome. >_<. I have to use a program called "Hello" to upload pictures. Haihz. Well, I am resting at home now. Currently feeling sick and lazy. My dear said I used the word "L-A-Z-Y" too many times today. Haha. I just feel lazy. *Bo Pien*. Madagascar is out today and I really want to watch it. But due to transportation problem (1 Sang Kancil to fit 7 of us at the moment?), I am just too lazy to ask if my friends wanna go and watch that or not. Taking bus all the way to KL and watch a cartoon show? Jose is going to Mid Valley tomorrow morning. At 9!! Goodness! If it's at 9, meaning I have to wake up at 8? Nahhhh!! Lazy!!! My dear is watching Madagascar tomorrow, at 10.15 p.m. and how I wish I could be there to watch with him. We promised each other, saying we will wait for each other to watch that. Sigh. I think he can't stand that long, so I might as well say - "You can just go ahead and watch without me". >_<>

It is May 27th today. Well, in few more days, the Ibans would be celebrating Hari Gawai. And I am in KL for exactly 1 year then! I came to KL on the 1st of June 2004, taking the very last-minute flight. Everyone was heading KL for holidays and it was so damn hard to buy an air ticket. I had to seek my best bud's dad for help. He is always my last minute solution and well, I am really thankful for their helps! Glancing back, I was so happy at that time. Happy to leave home, heading for a new adventure in KL. I guess many things happened and well, no REGRETS!

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