Friday, May 27, 2005

Yay! New Blog!

First and foremost, welcome to my new blog. Well, I do hope that me, the Dullard do not bore you guys with my boring stuffs which I would blog here. Hehe.

What to start with? Hmmm. How about my recent trip to Genting Highlands? I have been there 3 times this year and if I count that starting from last year, I have lost count actually. 7-8 times altogether? Hehe. Yeap. I am a GAMBLER! *grin* Dang! Any single guy out there would be afraid of marrying me I think. Haha.

My parents were here last weekend. KL->Genting->KL. I went town to meet with them and due to my stupid and prolonged meeting, I had to take ERL instead. Tried a new route whereby I had to change to STAR in Taman Tasik Selatan. It's a walking distance from ERL to STAR but due to traffic jam, it was worth a try. As I have predicted, it took me one hour eventually. Sigh. But I was glad to meet them and off we went for food hunting of course! Brought them to U-Village and after an hour of walking, we went Jalan Alor for food again. Hunger always strikes me when I am in KL. Hehe. No wonder I am getting fatter and fatter. Sheesh.

Well, the next day, we went Genting of course. Spent 2 days there and guess what. I won 300 bucks from the "Tai Sai" game. The next morning, I won another 100 but due to my greediness, I lost 175 on that day. Sadness. So, I was left with 125. Again, due to boredom, I played again and weeee...I won back 225 using a 50 cash chip! Dang! In few minutes time, I lost again. Gee. I think I had no luck with that 300 bucks and well, I was happy to win at least 125. Haha. Better than nothing right? Hehe. Went KL around noon the next day and the stupid driver gave me a headache. The sad thing was that the three of us were sick. I was the worst of all and I am still sick now. Sob sob. I need some hugs from my dearie. He is sleeping soundly now. I wonder I can wake up at 2.30 in the morning to watch footie and stay awake till the next day to go to work? He is actually doing that. Goodness!

The last day was spent in Mid Valley. I shopped more compared to my parents. SALES!! If my dear is here, he would be broke of course. Haha.

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