Sunday, April 23, 2006

Boring Weekend

I've been spending my weekend at home. Did I step out from the house? I don't think so. I was busy writing and gaming. Being a RO is too relaxing. Most of my friends might wonder why I haven't graduate yet. Well, I've been here for nearly 2 years now. Wow. How time flies. First year was spent on a project and after completing this project, that is when we are sponsored fully. However, we still have to continue enhancing this project during the second year and well, everything finally ended in April 06. I guess nothing is free and easy afterall. As for now, I have to start concentrating hard on my studies.

Just spent two weeks in Penang. That was my longest holiday in Penang ever. Hehe. I was very reluctant to go back until Melv had to go for business trip. Yeah. He is now in China for a week. At first, I was not so used to his absence. Haihz. I felt quite empty everytime I went back home and seems like there is nothing that I can do at home other than to chat with him online. I guess I have to suffer for a week, not being able to see him and to hear his voice. :(

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