Monday, April 24, 2006

First meal

Hmmm. There's nothing much I can do now. So might as well blog a bit. I am waiting for my colleague now. Lately, I've been carpoolling with him to the office. Normally I would have to wake up around 9 and get ready before 10. I don't have to walk all the way to campus and end up sweating in the office. I hardly exercise too. People have been commenting that I've a bit out of shape lately. Sadness. Any ideas on how to slim down other than to exercise? Haha.

Just visited Shin's site. It is really sweet of her to post up something for Robbie during her anniversary. She blogged on their first sunset together, first XMAS together, first jigsaw puzzle together (Hmm. Me and Melv never try that before :p) and the list just goes on and on. Well, I think there's might be something that I can share with you guys as well. During my recent visit to Penang, Melv cooked us lunch unexpectedly. Unforgettable cuz he hardly cook! Hehe. Here's some pics that make me drool.

Eggies with chinese sausages cooked by Melv

Yummy bacons (Yeah. He cooked this too!)

This is a dish prepared by me. (Melv prepared all the veges however.)


Anonymous said...

lol, now only i know u have blogged so much. wah, melv cook dinner for u, so "wen1 xing1" oh. eat until fat fat also worth right?

:P labah

Shin said...

Hehehe thank you thank you *bow*bow*