Thursday, April 27, 2006

He's Back!

Hoho! Melv is back from China. Maybe I will stop blogging for a while again.

Feel like going somewhere for a holiday. Perhaps a honeymoon with my 'honey' to Genting? Any suggestions? I am really hoping that he could come to KL tomorrow. But it must be hectic for him to travel again after his business trip to China. Poor thing. Hmmm. Either I go to Penang today OR he comes tomorrow and I will follow him back on Monday. We'll see. Hehe.

Anyways, I will be going to Sabah the day after Wesak. There will be 7 of us - all colleagues from MMU. We will be spending two days in Manukan Island. Heard that the corals are really beautiful there. It will cost us around USD300 (2 rooms/2 nights) and well, it is pricey!! After conversion, each has to pay around RM180 for 2 nights! Really hope both rooms will be big enough to fit all of us. Most likely, we will be going snorkelling, island hopping and perhaps parasailing? I've never try that before. All need $$$. I guess when it comes to traveling, you can't really count that much. Hehe.

Getting hungry. No breakfast today. >_<.

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Anonymous said...

yea yea, going KK, excited :).. remember to bring back the sun block :P