Friday, May 19, 2006

Back from KK

I am back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The first day was very tiring because I hardly can sleep before boarding the plane. I took the 10 am bus (from Penang back to KL) and got stuck in KL for nearly 2 hours due to the heavy rain. I reached home around 6 pm and tried to get my good night sleep around 9 pm. However, a very stupid friend of mine (Yeah! He's ROBIN!) decided to call and tell me that I should be waking up at 4 am instead of 4.30 am. Darn him! Everyone told him that I was asleep at that time and that he could wake me up earlier. But he just called me straight. What a bugger! I woke up at 12 am and stay awake since then. Well, we managed to reach the new LCCT around 6 am. Our flight was at 7.30 and it was a 2 and a half hours flight to KK, Sabah. Once we reached KK, we took cab straight to the jetty and off we went to Manukan Island. Here are some snapshots of the watersports that we played.
Me @ Manukan Island.
Before being thrown off from the bananaboat.

We are ready to get wet!
They call this 'Flying Fish' and it's the toughest game of all.

This is how it worked and we had to grab really hard while 'flying'! Cool eh!

Me and Pig decided to give it another try while others cannot tahan anymore! Wakakaka! I felt like standing ON the sea while 'flying'!

Me and Wyenn going parasailling!

Me and Wyenn are high up in the sky!

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