Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OMG! I permed my hair!

Just went back to Kuching for a break. Guess what! I've permed and highlighted my hair!!!!! Ah My Goodness~!~~! Seriously, never ever perm your hair unless you are ready to spend $$$ on hair treatment, mousse, hair serum, styling liquid and even more. Darn! I miss my long straight hair. I miss the good old days where I can just do anything (after waking up) without the need to tidy up my hair. Sob sob. Here are the before and after pics. :)

My long straight hair~~~!

New curls and colors. Nice? =p


Sharon said...

eh why only take picture of the curls? I want to see your face with the curly hair la! LOL
i demand more pics!

Lam said...

She didn't let me see her face with the curly hair too. She tied her hair when we met. Anyway, not bad with the curly hair too!

udang said...

I guessed the main objective of the picture is to let u admire her hair and not her pretty face :p

Eryn said...

OMG. Who's udang now?