Friday, July 14, 2006

My Born Day Celebration

No updates for the last few days. Well, I am back in Cyberjaya again. Last Thursday was my birthday and we went out to Puchong for some celebrations. There were 7 of us and we went to some chinese restaurant called 'Good Taste'. The food there is quite okay and we had 3 birthday celebrations there already. Wonder why we always pick that place for birthday dinners. One thing for sure is that their butter squids are really yummy. *DROOL* Since I am kinda lazy to blog much now, let's have some peeps at the photos taken during that night. =p

These are the photos taken during the cut cake session. We love the cake. It's really yummy~! It's a fresh cream fruit cake bought from Bread Story and though I was quite full that night, I can still have 2 pieces of the cake!

Well, we took quite a number of photos that night and even a 5 minutes video thanks to Robin! Hehe.

Our next destination was Giant@Puchong since some of us had to shop for some groceries and while waiting for another friend to join us. Then, we went to Station One and continued to lepak till midnight. Well, life@Cyber would NEVER be the same without these bunch of people. Lov ya all guys!

Well, lastly, thanks to all my friends who remember my birthday. You know who you are and I don't have to mention you guys one by one la hor? =p Great having you people as friends. Muackss!!

Errr... More photos for glimpse! >:)

Wonder what Banana is trying to do. A warm up before dinner?? =p

These are siau ginnas/sehkias who play MS (Maple Story) too much. They are challenging each other with their panlids and magic wands. Memang lawak!!

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Shin said...

I think if we were named one by one, we would feel even more appreciated, no? kiddin =D