Monday, July 24, 2006

Satay Kajang

The most famous satay stall in Malaysia is Sate Haji Samuri in Kajang, Selangor which was established in 1917. (Wow! Never know we had satay since long time ago!) Also, another restaurant famous for their satay is Restoran Malaysia which sells a larger variety of satay such as duck and fish which are not common in other stalls. It's also situated in Kajang, Selangor. So, Kajang! Here I come!

As first timer, I tried only the chicken satay. There are actually varieties of satay to choose from. Meats used include chicken, beef, pork (in chinese stalls but not there!), venison, rabbit, fish, shrimp, etc. Well, should try the special ones some day. I learnt that turmeric is often used to marinate satay and gives it a characteristic yellow color. ;)) Quite a research on satay huh? :p The peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy is really yummy and that made me had 8 sticks of satays that night! :p Darn it. It's so fattening! >_<

Thanks to Lam mostly. He was the one bringing me to Kajang to test out the satays. I am not a satay lover however. Whenever my parents order, I will eat at most 1 or 2 sticks nia. Prefer yakitori though. ;)) Anyways, thanks dude! Hope our 'jalan-jalan cari makan' adventure will continue! =P

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