Friday, July 07, 2006

Scratch No More!

Bugger! I am having rashes! WTF! Just had ONE (YEAH! I MEAN ONE!) glass of cocktail at SegaFredo- 1/2 glass of AK 47 plus 1/2 glass of Long Island. The first time I had rashes was several years ago; back in Kuching at VA and that was the first time I visited a pub. I still remember that I had a glass of vodka lime and perhaps several sips of beer and that's it! I guess having rashes is a norm for certain first timers and the second time you try having achohol again, you will be immuned to having rashes. I guess I was pretty farking wrong! Grr!

Yes gals! The second time happened in April 05 in Penang. Yeap. It was at Shamrock, the Irish Pub. That was the first and last (I hope) time I vomitted in public. Had 1++ glass of BEER and I guess I was having it with an empty stomach. Then, my tummy got really really painful and while trying to bake some yummy cakes in the toilet, I asked the gals to chao first. Well, eventually, I ended up vomitting in the toilet and barely can stand still. I just sat there at the toilet bowl and waited to be rescued. What a terrible experience!

Well, here's a story I would like to share with all of you guys! ;))

Once upon a time in Penang, there were these 3 close chi muis; Vonee, Eryn and Sharon! who went to Shamrock to have some drink.

In the end, the middle gal ended up getting drunk and guess what?

What the heck is happening? What are those 2 doing under the sheets? Oh No! Poor Vonee, being 'attacked' by the DRUNK gal.
Vonee: "I am doomed! HELP!! Sharon!!"
Eryn: "No one can help you now! HOHOHOHO!" *Laughing wickedly*

Sharon: "Nyiak nyiak nyiak! All fell into my trap! Dai sei!" *Gee! Look how happy she is!*
Vonee: "Hou cham ahhh! Yam Goong ahhh!" *Sob sob*


Sharon said...

yoooorrr... do u have to put up our embarassing pictures? :( :( :(
beh tahan.. but its cute though hehe
missed our chi muis times together :(

Eryn said...

Haha. Nevermind la. They are so funny. You should be thankful that I din upload our avi :p

[vonee] said...

eh halo, eringoh! very free ah, like that also can...but anyhows, good memories..thankss girls

and your alcohol level need to be train...dont take milk and beer together ya

[vonee] said...

ms erin goh!! this is like so embarassing, have you got any pretty looking ones to potray us in your blog??

anyhows, it's a good laugh...thanks for the memories girls!