Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back from Merdeka Vacation

Just had a great fun with the gals in KL for 4 days last week. It has been 2 years since we last met. I think the last get together we had was during XMAS 2004 at Concorde Hotel, KL. As usual, Sharon came all the way from Penang and well, it's quite weird that the 3 of us (Ee Von, Jane'nette and me) who are currently in KL seldom *cough* or NEVER *cough* catch up. The combinations go like this: Me, Ee Von & Sharon OR Me, Ee Von, Sharon & Jane'nette BUT NEVER Me, Ee Von & Jane'nette. Dim gai lei?

The kiddies @ Malacca A Famosa, 2001

I would say that Sharon has replaced me to be the glue to the group liau. I used to visit them once in a while during my Uni days whereby we were miles apart. Sadly, they visited me just ONCE which was on my 19th birthday and I was still very kam tung till now. A surprise visit I would say. Happy plus sad. The three of them were in Cyber and I was in Malacca! My goodness! It always make me wonder what will happened to me if I go Cyber with them. Will we still stay as close as now? Or drifted apart like Wai Kuin? There's actually another member to our group which is Missing In Action for no reason. She just drifted apart I think. Sad but she was a great friend. Now, we just don't talk/contact each other no more. Quite weird la.

The kiddies @ Campus during English presentation, 2001

Back to my trip with the gals. Well, whenever we go for a trip, I'm known as the last to get up from bed. Since everyone has named me the BIG MUSHROOM, even though I wake up early than the gals (which is hardly :P), I tend to lie on the bed till I am being dragged/smacked right on the butt! Lawak! On Day 3, we are supposed to pick Jane'nette up from KL Sentral at 10 am. At around 8.45, I got a call from her! Meantly just to wake me up! Grrr! Itu budak memang kak kak cau cau la. But still, I continued lying on the bed till everyone was ready. Haha.
The Graduated Gals @ KL, Dec 2004

Well, updates and photos of me with my chimuis can be viewed from the links below. Our addicted and soon to be famous *smirk* blogger actually updated us from Day 1 till Day 4 (Day 1 --> Day 2 --> Day 3 --> Day 4) and I think I can save my time blogging and uploading most of the photos that we took! Hehe. It was indeed a great time catching up with my chimuis again. I wonder when will our next get together be? During Jane's wedding? :P I wonder if she got time to read our blogs or not. Haha.

The Working Ladies @ Red Box, Sept 2006

Another happy thing to share with you guys here. Shin, my long time buddy has been nominated as BEST MALAYSIA BLOG. When she told me that, I was like... :O OMG! Hehe. Congratz! Lai lai lai.... Let's vote my buddy but not cheesy here! :P

Sigh. Now I have to update you guys on another story. Me and HR were given one month notice to move out from our current place. Bugger! I have totally no idea why the BLARDIE landlord is chasing us out. USING SMS!! Maybe she is getting married? NAH!!!!!!! Definitely NOPE! When I asked if I can stay for a few more months time, she just told me that she needs the room. WTH! She did grumbled that the electricity bills have increased. Hmmm. Partly because of that? No IDEA. It's just pissing me off, that's all. In the end, I found out that she will be working in Korea soon and it makes me wonder why most MMUians are obsessed with Koreans! My contract with MMU ends in November and well, I have to find a new place to stay from Oct till Nov? Alang alang rent a vacant room meh? (The current room I am staying in now is fully furnished). Sob! Now I need to get a place to stay, buy new furniture (mattress, wardrobe, desk, fan, etc.) Normally if we shift to a new place, we will be required to sign a ONE YEAR contract!

The story has not ended here YET! She sms-ed me a few times, asking me to pay her all the bills right after I shift out! So kiasi that I will run away with that money meh? She even EMAILED me saying that she will be contacting me thru EMAILS!! I was like...What The F****!! Need sms-es and emails meh? After few days of deep considerations of what am I going to do with my life, she SMS-ed me again, saying I can stay till December. I was like... What The F**** again!! ! Are you trying to make fun of me?? Grrrr. Even if I continue to stay there, it doesn't feel right anymore. :(

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