Thursday, August 03, 2006

KL & Genting

It has been a while since I last blogged. I don't have much inspiration like Sharon or maybe I am not a good writer. Hehe. Well, it's MEGA SALES now!! Woot!! It's also shopping spree for me. My parents were here last weekend and we just shopped and ate non stop. Hehe. We spent 2 days in Genting too. I won a little bit from Uncle Lim and should thank him for some of my shopping expenses too.

As for this weekend, I 'guai guai' stayed at home and did some spring cleaning. I handwashed Patrick and Omelet. Patrick is really super duper heavy when he's totally wet. :-s Imagine how much energy and time I spent scrubbing and washing him. Now he's totally clean and "yellow" again. Omelet is "pink" again too. Haha. Just in case you guys have totally no idea about what I am talking about, here's some pictures of my precious. :)

Yeah. My most expensive soft toy which costed RM 249.90 ;))

Pig! I just love P-I-G-S!

Oh no! Obscene pic. Omelet humping on Patrick! :-s

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