Friday, August 25, 2006

Thirty minutes without a computer

Gee. I wonder if I can really survive if I do not own a computer at home. Home as in my current home in CyberJaya. Sob. There's no Astro and only few 'CLEAR' channels on TV nia. Say, ONLY Channel 8? There is actually nothing much that I can do at home without my laptop/desktop! I think me and my housemate, HR spend 90% of our time in our rooms, 5% in kitchen, 3% in bathroom and another 2% in laundry room. My landlord is HR's supervisor and well, it is really cham to stay with our supervisor. Just imagine your supervisor knocking at your door in the middle of the night to discuss work with you. And you have to lower down the volume when you are gaming/watching drama/movies in your room. There's not much privacy for my poor housemate. So, never ever stay with your supervisor/boss!! Hehe.

Well, my landlord is practically a weird person who sleeps early, wakes up super duper early (say at 6/7 am) to work, wakes up around 2-3 am to work, stays at home during weekends and all she does at home are: watching TV, work and eating bread/instand noodles! And not forgetting that she does not know the way to Alamanda after so many years! (Alamanda is actually a shopping mall which is 15 mins drive from our home.) She's still single though, at the age of errrr 35 or more? Definitely less than 40 la! A phD holder and is a lecturer. Hehe. The only thing I admire about her is that she is really hardworking. I wish I am 50% as hardworking as her. Sigh. Whoever reading this and know who this person is, please don't tell her that I am blogging about her ar!! >.<

Back to myself. Normally, I go online at home to chit chat with my friends. I download lots of movies and english drama to watch. If I know how to read chinese, I would download chinese dramas too! Haha. Gaming is part of my activity too. Besides working *ahem

Now my monitor at home is spoiled! Doh! And I've been walking around, doing nothing for the past 30 minutes! Luckily my housemate is going back home for the weekend and THANKS to her, I can at least survive for the weekend. Sob! HP is servicing my laptop now. It's been 2 months and now I still haven't get my laptop back! Grrrrrr!! Really keksim la. The HP guy actually came with the laptop but he couldn't pass it to us because stupid MMU didn't issue the cheque directly. When MMU is dealing with financial stuffs, it is really super duper hard to ask them for money! Issuing one DAMN cheque needs 1-2 months! When they are asking us for money, you will be proud of how efficient they are! When we are asking them for money, we will be cursing like hell! !#$%%&&*^!

A cute 'teh ko' eh? Pink somemore. ;))

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