Monday, October 09, 2006

Batting @ 1U

Here's a late update from me. Well, after having our lunch at Dragon I, we went to catch the movie 'Rob-B-Hood'. The movie was splendid and we had a great time laughing. It's hard to catch a funny HK movie nowadays and I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone!

Later on, we decided to try batting. The game was acually quite cool and we paid RM 40 - 30 mins unlimited plays for the 8 of us. The last time I played was when I was in primary school. Haha. Softball was the game I loved (next to tug of war) during my PJ activities and I would say that football would be the last in my list. I hate being kicked hard by the guys/gals while trying to get the ball man! Maybe I am just a poor player. Haha.

The entrance to the batting area

The price list for the game

A collage of us playing the game

Map / Price list / Business hour

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