Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dragon 1 @ 1U

We had lunch at the Dragon i Restaurant - the restaurant which has been making waves with the Shanghainese food it offers. It has already caught my eye for quite some time as there's a window in front of the restaurant whereby everyone passing by can peek in and have a look at the chef preparing all their yummy dumplings!

This is a serviette given and it costed us 1 buck each. The titbits costed us 2 bucks each and they are really expensive. >_<

This is what I had. Spicy 'Lai mien' served with minced meat and mushroom. Simple but nice!

The only thing nice about this place is their 'xiao long bao'. They are little (I mean really little) steamed meat dumplings. It costed RM 8 for 4 little dumplings. Quite expensive but the taste is simply delicious! Definitely worth a try!

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