Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday SHARON!!

Today is one of my best-test buddy's birthday!! Hehe. Who's the birthday gal anyway? She's bad. She's cheeky. She loves to bite people. She is a good blogger. She has freckles. She's cute. She wears XS or S but always complain that she's fat. She's always blur like sotong (that's how I get my MSN nickname from). Undeniably, she has been a wonderful friend to me for 6 years++ now. WOW! Six years gal! How time flies! Hehe.

Let's have a peep at how cute my lovely friend is......

Awww.... Cute, isn't she? Yeah! It's SHARON's birthday today! It's also PAYBACK time gal! Time to post up all ur ugly pictures! Nyiak nyiak nyiak~~! Too bad can't find the C-F-M version of yours! Grr.


Awww.... Can't deny that she's a cute babe, right? SWEET! Hehe. Enough of teasing. It's her birthday today la. Well, though we only spent 1 year together in Uni, we managed to keep in touch and remain chimuis still after so many years. THANKS for this lovely friendship of ours and I hope that we can hang out more in the future. Gym~! Badminton~! Food hunting~! Shopping in Penang~! Anything but not clubbing ya~! You know I sux in that. Hehe.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Holland, gal! Don't forget my souvenir oh! *Ahem*

Muaxs and huggies,


Anonymous said...


how can u post such ugly pictures of mine :((

hehe but thanks anyway! LLOOOOVE YA GAL!!

Anonymous said...

Oh mann...tis is soooooo funny...haha you two are just too cute to resist!!!