Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok! My friends started blogging again. So, I can't be an idle blogger anymore. :p I have soooooo many things to update you lads but I am just too lazy. Wakakaka! :P

Latest update: I am no longer based in KL anymore. I've moved my arse to Penang, which is my second home for now and years to come. Reason? Because it's TIME to move to a new environment again. So, my dearly beloved lads. Do visit me if you are coming to Penang ya! I just love Penang. I think it's due to the wonderful and sweet time which I had years ago with my lovely chi muis. :p

Below is a collage of my old house at Cyberia, which I have lived for the last 2 years. Simply small and comfy with a clean (I mean really clean) bathroom! I just hate staying in a place with dirty/yucky bathroom! During my beta year, I had to endure a bathroom which was really disgusting that I had to tiptoe everytime I used it! Grrr! I don't even dare to step into it without a pair of slippers. :s

Simple and comfy with a nice view right? I can actually see my campus from the balcony. I am starting to miss you, Cyberjaya! Not the place itself but my bunch of friends there! :(

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