Thursday, November 23, 2006


Gonna post up something really kiddy. Wakakaka! You'll be amazed and call me kiddy. LAWAK!

These are the four little pigs that I bought from Yunnan, China. They are quite cheap. Around RM 20 for 4 of them. I actually saw these pigs in Mid Valley and they are selling around RM 40 for 1!! Imagine that! :s

This is a pig keychain I got for myself at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. Cute right?

This is another pig keychain I got from a good pal. He knows I am a pig collector. Haha!

Another pig which looks like a bowling. Round round one hor? Wanna play bowling? :p

Another pig from TY. I've been wanting this for quite some time liau. I think it's ever since I laid eyes on the pig during my Alpha year. :P

This is the sleeping pig I bought for less than RM 20 at One Utama. Most say it's the cutest among all. :P Cheapest too!

And... They are couples now. Ha! Ha ! Ha!

This is McDull. Or Mak Tu. Or Mark Too. It is used to hold toilet rolls. :P

This is a pig mobile phone strap I bought at One Utama too. Costed me around RM 7 I think. I think it's PINK in color but 'someone' argued that it's PURPLE in color!! Brrr~~! You can actually order it at this link.
Well, Melv got me this in Spore. It's a super duper BIG pig!! Can consider cheap also cuz it's only $19.90 if not mistaken. Meaning around Rm 40 for a fat fat pillow pig.


I've been longing to do THIS!! BLEK!

Over the years, I have collected lots and lots of soft toys. Lai... Have a glimpse. La La La~~!

Observe carefully and you can find three pigs there too. Hehe!

Well, this is another pig pyjamas I bought when I was in HK. Cute bor? My next target would be THIS!! THIS THIS THIS!! *hint hint*

Haha. I am sot liau. If you are watching the Korean drama 'Wedding' on TV now, you can actually find the couples wearing pig pyjamas! The guy's pyjamas is in blue while gal's in pink! Cute hor?

Am I kiddy again? Another kiddy post from me again. Ha! Ha! Ha! Now you guys no need to ponder so much on what to get for my birthday liao hor? :P


Anonymous said...

OMFG! can faint
hahaha...the Mak Too toilet roll holder is for you to hold when u go toilet one is it:P

Eryn said...

Haha. Maybe got shit stains? LOL. Toilet roll must be kept in toilet only meh? Cannot put in bedroom one ar?

Fionz said...

WA!! Real kiddy ho....hahahaha...mayb u can save it for kids later on...

Shin said...

wow, so many pigs. have you thought of getting a pet piglet? =D

wYe n_n said...

i doubt she will save for kids, she might wrest away all her kid's soft toys and own them. :@)

Eryn said...

yer. of cos can save for my kids. haha.

own a piglet? haih. cannot la. my first choice would be a dog!! PIG susah la. :P Definitely not in Msia. :P

fionz said...

Real pig really stinks la!! I bet she cant stand the smell...HAHAHAHHA!!

Anonymous said...

oi erin, do you feel bad when eating pork??