Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Movie Marathon!

It's Wednesday again! It's Movie Day~! Six bucks for a movie. Heheh. Yay~! Last Wed, me and Melv went to watch Flushed Away at BJC. The characters are not so cute but they are so funny! I had a great time laughing and Melv said I laughed too loud. I am too 'cho lo'. BLEK! Well, I loveeeeee the slugs. They are so adorable la (esp. their voices.) Awwww.

And the movie marathon is followed by Casino Royale. I don't really know how to compare the 007 movies but I would say that this is something different. I just love action movies. Hehe. Quite interesting but too bad David/Daniel Craig (whatever his name is) is not leng zai at all! Too short for a BOND!

As for tonight, we are going to watch Happy Feet! Sharon and her 'date' *ahem ahem* will be joining us too. Penguins are simply cute, aren't they? I remembered going to Philip Island, Melbourne and tried so hard to 'kap' the penguins. They just hide in their holes and only go to the sea at night/early in the morning. Too bad. One thing funny I notice about this movie is its tagline: WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping. Hehe. Cute hor?

Oh ya. A week before my Malacca trip, we watched Open Season. Ashton Kutcher plays the 'deer' character and it's just like the donkey in SHREK. The deer just can't stop talking. Hehe. But one thing I don't like about it is that Human can actually rear bears in their car porch. Doesn't make sense. Hehe. Typical ginna show. :P

I still think that Over The Hedge is the nicest animation this year. Most of my friends say so too. Simply hilarious, esp. Hammy the Squirrel. Hehe.

We watched Hoodwinked at home too. Nar. Not so nice. The wolf actually corporated with Red Riding Hood to catch the villain. Very loso also. Haha.

Hmmm. I think these are the list of movies we watched this month! Wakakakaka. A lot bor? I love cartoons. This proves that I am still kiddy? Nar~! Hmmm. Not forgetting Child's Play 4 & 5. I actually completed my Child's Play marathon as well. The first is still the best and the 4 & 5 are just lawak. :P

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