Monday, November 27, 2006

Pig's Bread

This is something we discovered long time ago in Penang. It's a stall selling ROTI BABI!! So damn cute right? Typical name for a dish. Hehe. It's located at Song River Cafe, Gurney.

Hmmm. It's actually fried pork with some stuffings I think. Can't really recall it. But, it's definitely a MUST TRY!!! Haha. Just for the sake of the cute dish name. :P

Well, in my previous entry, I have shown you guys about my collection of pigs right? I've actually forgotten to include these little two piggies.

Introducing Piggy Hogging on Hamburger! Oppss. It's Pig Humping on Hamburger! Well, a search in Wikipedia tells me that hogging refers to the practice of groups of men who target overweight or obese women, typically for sexual encounters. AND humping refers to the sexual slang which makes reference to doing sex. I can't escape the 'sex' thingy no matter what word I use huh? BLEK!

Back to topic. It's a souvenir that Cat bought for me when he was in Bangkok. Hehe. Paiseh for giving it such a name. :P Hmmm. Wyenn got me another piggy when she was in Bangkok too. I wonder why everyone is bringing pigs back for me from Bangkok. :P

They are small and cute right? That's my finger and you can see how tiny the white pig is. Haha. Hope I won't lose it easily. Thanks guys!


wYe n_n said...

must take care of the "xiao bai zhu" oh, small white pig. yer ler..

Eryn said...

haha. xiao bai zhu. vs ur xiao bai. i forgot to give it a name. :P

maoi said...

no more xiao bai for wye n_n...
it is a xiao hei in dustbin liao :-j