Monday, November 20, 2006

Reflecting Childhood Memories

Seen this before? Look closer. :P

1) First, you have this.
2) Then, you do this to the little straw. ( Low suggested a bigger straw which you use to drink Coke, etc. :P )
3) Then, you blow it and you get this. Balloon!!

4) See how creative I am? :P (Told you I can create Mickey!)

5) In the end, you get this. Wakakaka.

I actually spotted this when we were at Jonker street. And I thought they extinct liau!! I bought 1 packet of 5 for RM0.50 and we really had lots of fun playing. We even took videos and making fun of each other. Hehe. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Well, another thing that I spotted was THIS!!!

The egg-look-a-like candy. You can find it at the stall selling sweets near GSC, Gurney. Yum~!

Now, you know how kiddy I can still be. BLEK! :P

1 comment:

babiTail said...

stay young in ur heart ^_^

my dream... is to play layang-layang one day... ekekeke.... :p