Monday, November 20, 2006

Singapore Trip

Hey guys! So paiseh about my absence. Hehe. I've actually started this entry 2 weeks ago and it actually take me weeks to finish this! Wakakaka. Pai seh oh! This is actually an entry about the food I had in Spore. Yum Yum~!

This is the mouth watering 'Kueh Chap' which costed $3.80. It's kinda expensive compared to the price in Kuching. In Kuching, we can have one for around RM3. I just couldn't find this in West Malaysia and it will be a hard-to-resist food if I ever see one when I travel. I even had it when I was in Bangkok last time. It's so weird that Bangkok has this but not West Malaysia! Grr! Hmmm.....You could actually find a capalang stall in Penang which sells kueh chap with no standard at all. :s

This is fruit rojak together with tauhu. Simply delicious! I actually prefer rojak with tauhu only. Hehe.

Seen this before? Yeah! It's 'Char Kueh' in Kuching but we call it 'Loh Bak' here. I still find Kuching's one the BEST and for me, Char Kueh != Loh Bak. In Kuching, we have two types of Char Kueh = sweet or salty. Well, when I was in Spore, I tried to order the sweet type but guess what? Singporeans divide their char kueh into two different types = black or white. I was like "Huh? Tarak sweet char kueh meh? I want the black black one wo." Then the taukeh gave me the black one but it turned out totally different from what I expected! They just add some soya sauce to make it look black! Grrr~~!

This is Ayam Buak Keluak, a very challenging Peranakan/Nyonya dish to cook. It's Melv's fave dish and it took his auntie quite some time to cook. I have 100% no idea on how to cook this and I know it's quite hard to find the buak keluak, as in you can't find it easily at the market. So far, we can find it in Malacca and Spore. Weird huh? These black nuts need to be soaked overnight, scrubbed clean and sliced at the tip to open them. Then, we have to scoop the black paste out and pound it with salt and sugar. Also, you can mix with minced chickens or prawns to make it even tempting. Then, they are repacked back into the shells. I have no idea on how to cook the chicken though. Next time, I will teach you guys. Haha. As if...

This is the vinegar mee pok which I had at Sentosa. It costed $3.80. Simply delicious!

Well, seen this before? I just had it again when I was back in Malacca. It's called 'Chui Kueh'. Some sort of a vegetarian cupcake I think. Very nice and cheap!

This is 'Kueh Tu Tu' and it's my first time trying out this. Melv said the person making this is not skillful enough though. Hope I can try a better one next time. :P
Well, what tempt me most is this!! Carl's Junior Burger chained restaurant with locations across US! AND yet we can find one in Spore! Hohoho! Most important thing is that the burgers come with PORK!! BACON!! CHEESE!! And..... we get SUPER DUPER BIG-SIZED Burger! We ordered the 'Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger' set which was just nice for the 2 of us. It came with two charbroiled all-beef patties, two strips of bacon, two slices of melted American cheese, crispy onion rings and tangy BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun! Together with the set were unlimited refills of beverage and yummy beef-chillied fries. Sounds tempting enough to get you hungry bor? :P

Hungry yet? :P

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wYe n_n said...

budak, i just went there on the last weekend cause of your recommendation. hehe, really not bad, i had the bacon + crispy chicken combo. hoho! but i still like burger king ler.