Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2-0-0-7!!

Hey guys! I am back from BEIJING. It's Winter but too bad I did not get to see any snow. Sad. Mum told me that it is SNOWING in Beijing now! Grrr! Beijing is a place full of Chinese histories and for a person who has zero knowledge on that, it's kinda boring!! Haha. I love the nature and compared to my previous trip to Yunnan, I think I prefer Yunnan more. Much much more! Food in Beijing sucks so bad that I don't have appetite to eat during my last few days there. However, I managed to leave my markings all the way from Beijing back to Malaysia. What do I mean by markings huh? My chi muis should know. Hehe. Well, unfortunately, I kenak food poisoning and I had diarrhoea 3 days in a row and it was like almost 10 times a day. What a memorable experience for me huh? Sigh.

I am not good with words and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here goes...

The Tianan Men Square - A series of protests and demonstrations led by students, intellectuals and labour activists in the People's Republic of China were made at this place and I was told that millions of ppl can gather at this place. Incredible eh?

The Forbidden City - You can see this a lot in HK or any chinese dramas. Hehe. I've been here!! It's the imperial palace built during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has 9999 halls and rooms, containing many precious relics.

The Forbidden City - Big no?

The Summer Palace - This is the imperial palace and a royal garden during the Qing dynasty.

The Summer Palace - The river has turned ice and people are actually walking on top of it!

The Summer Palace - Lovely, isn't it? The tourist guide actually crapped a lot while bringing us to these places but I can't seem to understand him. Bugger!!

The Great Wall of China - It's called Ba Da Ling wall too.

On our way to the Temple of Heaven - You can actually see lots and lots of old/retired folks here, doing all sorts of activities such as singing, tai chi, playing chess, poker, etc.

The Temple of Heaven - This is the place where the King did his prayers last time. No women are allowed here. Guess what! The temple is 123 feet high, was constructed ENTIRELY of WOOD WITHOUT THE USE OF NAILS, making it one of the architectural wonders of the world. Amazing huh?

I surely don't wanna miss this out. Panda bears! I've always adore them! Hehe.

Introducing the 5 stars toilet! You can't find this kind of toilet in Beijing city. We had to fully utilize this toilet on our way to Cheng De. It's another city which is 4 hours ride from Beijing. It's not so developed but you can find lots of lovely sceneries there.

Lovely huh? These are taken at the Mountain Resort - The Imperial Summer Villa and it's the largest imperial garden in China. Cheng De's weather is far more cold than Beijing and I've experienced the coldest winter in my life. It was around 20C and we had to walk for 3 hours outside in such a freezing weather! It's indeed a wonderful experience. Hehe.

Not much shoppings were done though. Sob Sob. All selling winter clothes!! Grrr. Anyways, I went to Carrefour and they are sellings lots and lots of PIGS!! Argh! If only I can bring some home. :P It's PIG year next year ma. Hehe.

Oink Oink. Happy 2@@7 to everyone! Cheers and hope you guys enjoy your countdown with your loved ones tonight. :D


Anonymous said...

Nice pics erin..Now tht i've seen your pictures it reminded me of my trip to Beijing last time. I learnt quite a bit of chinese history from the trip. Just can't stand the cold..!! How many layers you wore??? Like dumpling only rite..hehehe. China girls pretty eh??

Eryn said...

yeah lo. winter time. i wear so thick like a bakchang. think up to 5 layers. Jacket also no use. Long john also no use. Haha.

How's HK?

Anonymous said...

i hate long johns, doesnt it make you itch? so when you go to the toilet, how many layers you hav to take out before peeing? haha!

hk! good! two thumbs up!

maoi said...

ahah.. look like bakchang or maybe char siew pau also...
Well, at least u dont look like the Michelin Man :p

nice trip there (excluding those "favourite activities" of urs.. kekeke):D

I like the photos from the The Imperial Summer Villa lei ;)
However, dont have food photos or china mui... young de and not auntie uncle... :p