Monday, January 08, 2007

Beijing - Part 2

Want to see China food and China Mui? If I take photos of China muis, I considered myself not normal lo. Haha. Unlike someone who took a snap at a Thai Air Steward. Mentang mentang sendiri laki. :s

Presenting you the Dong Hua Men Night Market, selling local delicacy at night. I didn't dare to try the roadside food though. Lao sai also. WTH!

What you want? Fried sea horses? Yum~? Chao Tauhu? Lobster? Seafood? Hehe...

I had steamboat too. Hongkies and China ppl like to 'ta pin lou' so much during winter time. Haha. So, our tour guide brought us to try the famous 'Mutton Hot Pot'. Not bad lo. I had Peking DUCK also but still, it cannot beat our Kuching's local restaurant - LEE's Garden. Haha. The rest of the food suck so much that I had to buy myself this!!!

KFC~! It's finger licking good. But the chicken is really small lo. Sob sob.

And introducing the 'Chun Hua Yuan' Warm Spring Resort. We have our own jacuzzi in our hotel room. It's 5 stars! Cool eh? You can find an outdoor hot spring area but it was too cold that we didn't get to try it out. Sad. :( I took a video of the surroundings but I don't know how to upload here. Haha. Too bad.

I bought this pair of kasut. Cute? Haha. Costed me around 20 bucks nia. Too cute. Couldn't resist buying.

I didn't take any snaps at the China lou/mui though. Haha. Disappointed, Maoi? Here's a kiddo for you.

He just stood there and let me take his photo. Hehe. Very cute.


maoi said...

@_@ a kiddo pulak !
disappointed lei..

anyway, the food looks yummy ^^ and the panda shoes very cute :p

wYe n_n said...

i thought maoi like korean girl more? y bother china girl?