Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's Trip


Cameron Highlands~~~~~~~~~!

The huge TEA plantation. Too bad the weather is not as cooling as expected. I did sweat a lot. Night time was okay though. This is the second time I've been to Cameron Highlands. We drove all the way there from Penang and the journey itself took at least 4 hours.

You can actually find SCONES being sold in almost every shops. I wonder why. So, in the end, we tried to try it out but it turned out that every scones in Cameron are sold out!! Argh. We went from shops to shops and well, before we headed back to Penang, we managed to try them out. Tasted normal to me though. What so special about it oh? The waffle tasted even nicer. ;)) With strawberries and chocolate toppings! Hmm. For your info, a makan place in Cameron called 'T-House' is quite popular. Too bad it's closed on that day. :(

Introducing Ye Olde Smokehouse, the oldest building in Tanah Rata. It won several awards for its beautiful gardens too. The food sold there is expensive. One breakfast set which consists of normal toast, croissant, a choice of cereal or porridge, a selection of juices or fresh fruits and coffee or tea costs RM 22. If you wish to add bacon and eggs, they will charge you for RM 38 altogether. Hehe. With that amount, I can hunt for a yummy and cheap breakfast lor. ;))

Enough crap. It's flowers time~!

Start with PINK/RED.

Dangling red flowers. Dunno what type they are though....

Next, WHITE ( I just love white flowers. Pure-nya~~!)


And lastly, GREEN!! :O

Yeah! It's the GREEN ROSE! Hehe. Looks natural wo~!

Saw other kinds of weird plants @ Cameron too. Want some 'tanduk rusa'?

Or apples?



wYe n_n said...

i think the yellow/orange flowers look nicest.. wahhaa..this crappy likes to go cameron n genting after shifted to penang.. zzz

Eryn said...

haha. likes to go? go once nia wo! ever since long time ago. as if i will go back cameron again. haha. as for genting...err.. :P