Monday, January 29, 2007

Two Days Break

Just came back from a short trip to Genting Highlands with Melv and friends. Yup! It's my n times there liao. I've lost count actually. =.=" Macam la setiap tiga bulan sekali. =.=" Let's see.... I went there last March, then June, then August, then December and now January!!! That was 2006 recap. As for 2005 recap, I dare not tell. Macam la sama or lesser. Lawak. Hahaha! Perhaps, I will be visiting Uncle Lim again in this coming March. Wakakaka! Siao hor? So near ma. Go and enjoy the cool air nia lo. As for this time, the weather is too nice that I froze in the middle of the night. SHIOK!!

This is what we had at one of the shophouses around Inti College before Genting. Can you guess what it is?

They call it the "Durian Cake" and it's YUMMY! It has three layers - fresh cream, cake and the whole thing is wrapped with durian! Somemore it's cold! Love it! ( I am not actually a durian lover. So, durians don't tempt me that much! :P )

We started driving back from Genting using the Batang Kali -> Tanjung Malim -> Ipoh -> Penang route and this time we did not stop in Ipoh for their famous Nga Choi Kai (Chicken Hor Fun with Bean Sprouts). You will see lots of people at that famous shop but I think that dish is so so nia lor. I hate Bean Sprouts. :P

We stopped by at Bukit Tambun for their famous seafood! These are what we had.

Famous 'Zhao Pai" Tauhu

Crabs with Sweet and Sour Sauce ( I love the KUAH!!! Not the crabs! I don't like crabs! :P )

Fried Sotong

"Zhao Pai" Fried Mee (YUMMY!!)

We ordered 5 dishes altogether and guess how much they costed us?? Big plate somemore wo!! Altogether is RM 56 nia!!! NGAI TI!! I had to ask the waitress the amount just to reconfirm!! Can you believe it? Heheh!

All in all, it was a nice trip. Food was great and I got early ang pow money too. ;))

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