Monday, March 26, 2007

Penang -> KL -> Genting -> Penang

This is my fourth week at work. Hehe. Very fast hor? I am getting my first paycheck soon. HOHOHO! Can't wait to go shopping! LOL.

Went KL on Friday after work. Took the 7.30 pm bus and I reached Pudu at 12.30 am. 5 hours of bus ride! Butt pain. Knee pain too as I cannot stretch my leg. That's the worst part of all. Hate it. >.<

Anyways, as usual, we went Genting. Hehehe. Too bad Banana and family are going there next weekend! I tried slot machine for the first time and I won 100! Haha. Thanks to Uncle Lim, I bought myself an ESPRIT handbag and a top from G2000. For free! LOL. Shiok!

Treated my parents to Ming Ren Restaurant in advance. The lamb there is many many many thumbs up! *drool* I love L-A-M-B-S. :) Ain't cheap too. But it's a MUST try! :D

Took the 2.30 pm bus back to Penang and the journey was tiring. There's this fat uncle sitting next to me who snores!!!! Argh!! Can't really sleep at all. >.<

Reached Penang before 8 pm and I KO straight. Hahahaha.

I'm still at work, waiting for the clock to strike 6. Manage to complete my first little task. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. Hohoho.

P/S: Who wanna watch Mr Bean's Holiday? Or Jack Neo's latest movie? Got Fann Wong! I've loved her since I was a kid. ;)

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