Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Monday Again

Weekend passed by so fast and today I am at work again. Sigh. How I wish weekdays are way much shorter than weekends.

Friday's dinner was free as it was on the company again. This is my 3rd time having free meals. The first time was a super duper expensive Japanese Buffet at Tao Restaurant, E-Gate and it costed around 600++ for 8-9 of us. But it's really worth it. Haha. The second time, we ordered in the Pizza Hut delivery during lunch time and now, for the third time, we had Japanese ramen (again) at Aji Nippon, I-Avenue. The food was just so so. Three of my colleagues ordered the very same Paikut Ramen but the soup were totally different! Weird right? Totally not standardized. So, I will not recommend this to anyone. Haha. My colleagues said I have to save up to chia them after I get my confirmation. Japanese food AGAIN meh? I'll be broke by then. >.<

I reached home around 9 and decided to invite Lam out. Invite as in asking him to be the driver for my 'Jalan Jalan Cari Makan' quest. And for this quest, Sharon joined in and we went hunting for crepes. =p~

Somehow, I love this photo and Sharon said she looked fatter than me in this pic! So of course, I will share this lovely pic again. Haha. Last night when I weighed, I discovered that I've lost 2 kgs! Perasan betul eh? Blek!

This is what Sharon had. Crepe with ice cream wrapped inside. Yum~

This is what Lam had. It's called Tuitti Fruitti and it comes with a little cute umbrella.

This is what I had - Crepe with vanilla ice cream and banana toppings!

As for Saturday, me, Melv and Cla went to QB to watch The Number 23, a movie by Jim Carrey. Well, I kinda enjoyed the suspense in the movie. Hehe. AND it is 23-04-07 today! LOL.

That night, I tried the RISK game, a strategic (for guys mostly) board game for 2 to 6 players. One game can insanely take 2-3 hours and you need to complete your missions by conquering a certain number of continents and territories or even more KENG, conquer the whole world! I still need to play a few rounds of this before I can teach others. :P

Maoi is flying off to Korea tonight. He's going there for the second time and this Korea Lover is going to represent me, Banana and he himself for the MUE conference! Three of our papers got accepted internationally and it is going to be published in one of the IEEE CS proceedings!! We have technical paper at last. Yay! *applause* *happy*

And I wonder what sort of photos will he take this time. Last time, he took this photo as one of his collection.

You might wonder who is that right? Obtained from MrMiaow's blog, that's a leng zai steward from Thai Airlines. If he's not g**, he should be capturing pics of Stewardess right? Wakakakkaa.... Anyways GOOD LUCK Maoi.....Gambatte!

p/s: Stupid IE hang and I have to redo this entry all over again. F***!!


Lim said...

yer, i wanna tht ice cream crepe.

Eryn said...

wakakakaka next time u come again lo. then I bring you =D