Friday, April 06, 2007


TGIF!! YEA! Melv and I went to GSC to watch Shooter last night. I opted for Mr Bean's Holiday and TMNT but the earliest movie we can watch is this. Melv said the other 2 movies are for ginna =.=

Well, the movie turned out to be great. It's more than what I expected. ^_^ I've always loved action movies and you will be seeing lots of gunfiring scenes. Assassination is not an easy job if you attempt to do this from far. You have to calculate density la.. weather la.. wind la.. bla bla bla... It's pretty INTERESTING lei. Hehe. I think hor. Most of Mark Wahlberg's movies are nice. His latest movie is The Departed and he was nominated in Oscar for that cast! Well, his best movie is still Italian Job I guess. My own opinion la. There will be a sequel coming soon! It's called Brazilian Job and he will be starring with Charlize Theron again. ^_^

Wyenn, Henry (her bf), Cat and Robin are on their way to Penang now. Can't wait to see them later tonight. Hehe. We will be having SEAFOOD for dinner tonight. First, I proposed going to Bukit Tambun but we have to pass by JURU toll. Hmmm. Better not. Normally on Fridays, you'll face a mega traffic jam at the toll. Everyone is going back ma! Iskh. How I wish I can drive back too. Hehe. So, I proposed going to Paya Terubong. Normally, we have to wait 1 hour (at least) to get our food! And the place is so crowded that you will be seeing ppl standing next to you, waiting for you to finish your dinner. And I hate that! But bo bien. Their seafood is super duper nice!

Hmmm... I think we are going to Batu Maung for seafood later ba. ^_^ I love seafood! But the only thing I don't eat is CRAB! =P

As for tomorrow's MEGA PLAN....

Brunch at Pulau Tikus's famous Lemak Laksa
Then.... Go Bukit Bendera a.k.a. Penang Hill
Then.... Swatow Lane to makan!
Then.... Cendol!
Then.... Queensbay Mall for SHOPPINGS!!
And Then.... Balik pom pom and rest
And Then.... Dinner at Cherry Blossom. I love their THAI FOOD!
And Then.... Go Feringgi?
And Then.... Yummy Crepe with Ice Cream around Gurney
And Then.... Supper anyone? Ha! Ha!
And Then.... Balik TIDUR

You'll notice that I focus more on FOOD! YUM! Wahahahaha! Sorry ROBIN. No temples / Penang Famous Kek Lok Si :P Hmmm. I wonder if they trust my driving skills bor?

Wanna tag along? =D

I hope I can follow this itinerary and upload the pics for you guys to drool. =p~ Can't wait... can't wait... The clock is ticking.... Tick Tock Tick Tock....

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