Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's SATURDAY and I am at work! Full day somemore. Taihendesu.

I went to watch Spidey 3 last night and came back after 12++. Oi oi at 1.30++ and woke up at 7!!!!!! Sleep for 6 hours++ nia. Iskh.

Spidey 3 wasn't that nice lo. Too 'cheong hei' and tak cukup action. Luckily I didn't go through someone's spoiler. I hate spoilers!

I bought a pair of Vincci casual again last night. Wore them to the office and ARGHHHH the shoes makan my kulit off. So sakit lei. This is the second pair liao. Sobsss. I got no fate with nice shoes meh? Really need to get a pair of Hush Puppies meh? That's one of my wishlist. Haha! I saw one formal Hush Puppies shoes and it costed around rm220 I think. Iskh. There's another pair of sandals which I am eyeing for quite some time liao too. rm69.90 for one. Iskh. To buy or not to buy. To sum up, I bought 4 pairs for CNY, 2 casual flats plus the pair I mentioned earlier. Eekkkk!! A lot for the year 2007 hor? Any guy who have me as the girlfriend will surely faint. Haha! But I foot the bills on my own lei. Nothing to do with him also. BLEK!

Erm. Speaking of spending, my credit card bill for last month is 1.6k!! WAH!! KI SIAO!! That include my parents' air tickets from Kch -> Penang -> KL -> Kuching, my Phuket trip in November, my king sized mattress and some other shoppings I made. I haven't include the washing machine which I bought somemore. It is rm799 lei! POKKAI! I'm forgetting my house deposit plus rental and the Perhentian Trip. That is exactly rm1000 liao! Iskh. Really really spent a lot these 2 months. Later have to spend on my air ticket to attend my best friend's wedding somemore. Must save up liao!

I haven't upload my Perhentian photos from my digicam yet. Lazy eh? I met one of my oldest friend in Friendster this week. It's so nice to get in touch with her again! We even used webcam to see how much we have changed! Haha! Funny and the feelings are so great. (To Ah Boon! It's so nice to see you again!)

Okay la. I've been sitting in the office from 730 till now doing nothing working. I just finished one project and I was given a new project the very next day! Iskh. I have to deal with hardware (unfortunately) this time. Iskh. Later have to fetch my colleagues out for lunchie somemore.

*YAWN*. I used a lot of 'iskh' today hor? Iskh.

Till then, Happy Weekend!

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