Friday, May 25, 2007

Kua Kua Kua.........

Went Queensbay with Sharon last night. Yippie! Managed to get two nice seats of Parrots of the Currybean for me and Melv. *Giggles*

Spent quite a lot last night and the feeling was great!!!!! So great that I kept giggling to myself and Sharon scolded me SOT for that. *Giggles*

Shopping is indeed a good treatment to overcome depression/tiredness/etc. Yeah. It's PMS of the month again. Let's see what I bought. Urm. A cyan-black polka dot top, a knitted top, a lovely black and white casual dress, a pair of leggings for the dress since the dress is too short for me the salesgirl said i look nice in that dress CUZ I AM TALL!!!, a cute bear bear satin pyjamas and a PINK bra. *Giggles*

Hmmm. Not forgetting titbits like marsh mellows, seaweed, some expensive Japanese hot-flavoured nuts and sour plum sweets! I love sour plum sweets! Tesco is not selling these anymore and I managed to find them in JUSCO! Yay! Happy Happy~~! *Giggles*

Sharon asked me out to Queensbay again later. GILA. And I gladly declined. She wanna get a haircut woh. Hope the end result is good cuz I will be visiting that saloon if her hair is nice! I always grumble A LOT one whole day or maybe more than that every time I cut my hair. Mostly is how I spoil my fringe and how I layer my hair too much till I cannot tie them up. *Giggles*

Okay la. Enough ramblings. Am going out with my dear MALE colleagues later. -.-" Weee~~!

Here's a funny picture which makes me ermmmmmm.... *Giggles*

Want instant bacon bo? Keke.... More here.


Sharon said...

KOKKOI,ini pun boleh blog ka hahahah
yes erin's is a worse shopping addict than me. u better not delete this comment :P

wyenn said...

yeeee, bought so many clothes.. when is my shopping time arrrr :((((((

Eryn said...

haha yea. u admit you are a shopping addict too rite?

dont want you to speak bad of me ma. so i blog out this lo.

when wanna go shop again? wanna buy bedsheet lei....

Eryn said...

wyenn. i tot u went shopping the other day? you even shiok la. shop in spore now. :-( when is my turn to shop in sg?