Thursday, May 10, 2007

Photography: My Passion

Okay here's what I owe you guys. PHOTOS of my trip to Perhentian Island two weeks back.

Big Waves

Perhentian's Coral View Resort's Jetty


Rocks by The Sea

Yeah! That's my foot! Lying on the beach is damn shiok! ^_^

Redang's Marine Park

Thousands & Thousands of Fish. Can see?


On the Boat During Island Hopping.

I love this pic. It's a small small island somewhere near Redang. The sand is WHITE!!

Love it! You can find all your favourite blues here.

The tanned me, taking a snap at my tomyam. =p~

Lovely no? I took more than 500 pics during this trip and I only shared a few here. Haha. Want more? I took several funny shots when we stopped by Kota Bahru, Kelantan too.


PoiPoi said...

nice pic!

i wish i get to go there soon.. never been to any of that island yet. sobz..

Eryn said...

Hehe. Thanks! More pics to come I hope.

mrmiaow said...

your photography skills improved liao woh... :p

Chen said...

never been to pulau perhentian yet :)
how's the tomyam? up to par? ;)

Eryn said...

Tomyam ar? I think Penang one is better! Not bad la. Still, I didn't get to try the best one in Kelantan. Sobsss.....