Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Maple Story II

I mentioned in my previous entry that I'm going to search for my MS print screens right? Hehe.

SOME of the monsters in Maple Story. Yeap. I used the word SOME. In certain levels, you will have to deal with certain number of monsters and it gets harder and harder when you level up. Wyenn just told me that she is LEVEL 103 now. How long have you played MS huh? 2 years? :P

A brief recap on my MS experience..... with pictures of course! Pictures that bring back lots of happy memories. Hehe....

See the second pic? This is how you will look like when you are a Beginner at Level 1 with 0 experience. You can't be 100% naked. TOO BAD!

Me and Luvly (eww) Banana enjoyed being 'half naked'. Lawak.....Observe the facial expressions. ;))

We were very happy that Xururong got killed. Hehe. You can even see his tombstone.

Picture of me dead and crying while CatWizard was praying for me. LOL.

The 'wu liao' us, taking a group pic. Hehe. Lots of facial expressions eh? :P

And lastly.... CrappyHead was trying to hit on a cool chick. ;))

Wonder who that chick is? She's my Melv lo. Ha! Ha!


wyenn said...

yi yer, girl pretend to be guy, guy choose girl char in maple. sama sama beh punya couple. :P

Pinky_piglet said...

hi, u like piggies and play maple story too?? hehehe...same here

Pinky_piglet said...

Visit my blog too...

Eryn said...

Yeap. I like piggies. I saw ur collections. Haha.

I don't play MS anymore lo. Cannot catch up with my friends >.<