Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random PICS

Went shopping for bedsheet last night before my movie. And........... I got this!!!! CUTE? ;))

Will post up more pics on my bedsheet (plus my lovely room) cuz I love it soooooooooo much!! Keke... Kiddy eh?

Nothing much to do while waiting for Melv to fetch me back from work. What's taking that dude so long! It's 7 liao. But I am getting a car soon. *finger crossed*

Here goes some random pics..... from my 'beh' camera phone...

The bruise I got from the PAINTBALL game. First hit was on the head and it was so bloody painful. Second hit was here lo. Still 'oh cheh' like what. My leg's kinda dry and tanned still hor? :(

We had this during the weekend. Two biji of Miss Liu Lien costed Melv 31 bucks. Hehe. YUMMY!! Invited Sharon over for the durian feast but she was too tiawkeh said that it's fat to eat that during SUPPER!! -.-"

My little soft toy on my desk. My colleagues are having fun torturing it. More pics to come...

Till then, have a nice day! MUAXS!! *ptui*

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