Thursday, May 31, 2007


It was MOVIE day yesterday. So.... you know la. I am one of the cinema fans. Me and Melv went to watch this!!!!!

Bloody hilarious movie. I can laugh from the starting till the end. Especially when Will Ferrel grabbed the other guy's balls! Haha! But seriously, it feel damn GOOD to laugh like mad once in a while. Hehe.

We will be watching another long waited movie this Friday. It is SHREK 3!! I still remember I had a good laugh with Annie and Cheryl when we watched SHREK 2 in Kuching last time. Hehe.

Yea I know. Two movies in one week. Hehe. Should I say 3 movies if I start counting from Saturday? Pirates was damn good too. And too bad I missed the 5 minutes ending. For those who haven't watch Pirates, do linger a while more in the cinema after the movie ends! You will get to see another ENDING!

Before I chao, do have a look at this cute blog. This blogger does not write but draw to describe her feelings, etc. Her pictures are hand drawn using a pencil and then scanned into photoshop for editing if necessary. Simply creative!

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