Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday Blue

Dear Diary,

It's me again. Seems like I've been posting happy entries ever since I started blogging eh? I didn't realize that my previous entry is all about whining. Thanks to someone who has been influencing me too much and I am getting better in WHINING! Darn. He said I should cut down on my profanities too. Darn. I am getting better in that too.

I just cleaned up my hamsters and seems like Tooty has a scratch on her face. For your info again, Tooty is the brown hammy and Sooty is the gray/black hammy. I've always think that Tooty is the big bully but seems like Sooty is able to defend herself. They will always fight for food and drink. Whenever Sooty is enjoying her food, Tooty will come and snatch that away and you will be hearing lots of shriekings. Yes. I enjoy looking at them for HOURS. Pathetic right? Wyenn asked why I wanna rear hamsters. "Too free ah?" I told her that I am lonely. Haha. I thought I was kidding at that time. Was I? How I wish my hamsters could talk to me.

Darn. I know I am pathetic. I am sensing that I am beginning to lose my faith on something. Haih. Now I wish I am back in Kuching, enjoying my bowl of laksa rather than crapping here.

Till then,

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