Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Must View THIS!

Hmmm. How do I start this? I hate those who :-@

My blog is not for those who will say that I am LAME in uploading all those videos plus pictures. Don't tell me about animal rights! Bugger! If you happen to see any lame videos in my blog, don't play it la. I upload those for my friends to watch. Not for those who will complain so much and saying that I am being cruel to my hamsters! Don't ever waste your bandwidth by visiting my blog if you have so much to talk about. Grrr!! Memang nak kenak tumbuk nie.

Ah BISH! b-(

Ah BISH! b-(

Ah BISH! b-(

Okok. Cool down. Enough of that. Hehehe. Here's something that cheer me up. YEAH! I am sharing another video again. Chui meh?

Erm. That's not me talking in the video. ;)) Wyenn. Now you know what is .....


P/S: This is what 'this person' said to me when he read my blog. "Dont feel offended by the way i describe things. You can assume i'm always on the joke mode, unless otherwise stated. Your hamsters are nice actually. When they're golden brown, crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside."

1 comment:

angele said...

Ohh ya know wat?I just lov hamsters!Though I never had any =(

But I think they're damn so cute!
Reminds me of hamtaro!