Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Sleeping Beauty

Little beauty is taking her nap. Yea! This is how she sleeps. CUTE lei? =)) Let's see what the other girl is doing.

Went for seafood dinner at Teluk Kumbar just now. The view is amazing. You can enjoy sunset there while you are enjoying your meal. It's just right at the seaside. Hehe.

Hai Boey Seafood

Dunno apa prawn

This is their yummy Heh Ko. In cantonese, it's called Lai Liu Ha. In English, it's called mantis prawn. Two ekor of this thingy costed us RM 46! But HO CIAK!

This is my favourite soup of the year. Kap pah soup. Kap pah is actually another bigger version of Lala. Hehe.

Yummy fish. Hmmm. I mean super duper yummy fish!


X said...

Wah..your hamtaro fell down head first from the 1st floor got buy Insurance for the or not? Your cage is hazardous la....:P

Eryn said...

=)) Haha. Should be okay I guess. She needs more training! Next time she might try to bang her head on the wall. Wakakaka.....

Wait till you see another video. LOL.