Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Pet

Referring back to my previous entry (which was last year), I was amazed how a cute little male guinea pig took his turn romanced with 24 female guinea pigs and was a proud father of 43 little offsprings shortly after that!

Well, I said I am getting a pair of guinea pigs right? I have moved to a place of my own and now I can rear pets without considering much! Haha! Too bad I can't rear a dog. Sad. Well, I got a pair of PEARL hamsters instead!! Si beh CUTE!! Their tails are so short.

Presenting to you, Miss Sooty and Miss Tooty! Haha. You read me correct. Both MISS la. I don't want to burden myself with little offsprings as hamsters can mate really really fast.

Yeap. It's a PINK hamster cage.

This is Tooty. She likes to hide under the wheel. Her fave hideout, I reckon.

And... She's brown!

This is my beloved Sooty. I've laid my eyes on her when I was at the pet shop liau. Why? Because she is so active running here and there! And she has a thick dark grey dorsal stripe.

A close up of Miss Sooty! Yea Sharon. I am not going to name my hamster as SHARON JUNIOR! :s

Hmmm. Anyone can teach me how to take photos of my hamsters? I am using IXUS 50. And to take pics of my hamsters, I am using ISO 400 liau. The 'Kids and Pets' mode is not functioning well. AND most of all, I don't want to use FLASH! It's super hard taking pics of them, running here and there. And I know.... Using Flash will solve my problem.

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wyenn said...

oi, faster update us with ur new hamster toys. ST Toys! haha