Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Brand New Day

I have been driving myself to work lately. Normally I would be waking around around 7 to 7.10 and reach the office before 8. It only takes me 5 to 15 mins to reach the office. 5 mins if there's no jam of course and 10 - 15 mins if I am to leave the house at 7.30.

And guess what? On my way today, I saw THIS!

Long time din see rainbow lei! =D =D =D It just drizzled/rained I guess. The road is a bit wet. And it was so hard to get up from the bed.

Will be cooking tonight. Main course of the day include ginger chicken plus tou miao. Melv always prefer to have 3 dishes for every meal. Fussy huh? I have to think of what is the another dish to cook. Heh! Heh!

Time to gambatte! I am actually waiting for the water to boil. Couldn't start my day without a cup of hot coffee. How about ya? ^_^

P/S: Is my pig viewable? I can view it nicely using the PC and notebook back at home but seems like its body is covered when I am using the office's PC. >_<

1 comment:

angele said...

Wow this is a great rainbow picture =P

I need to have my coffee in the morning too.Else i feel sleepy and kinda missing something!Hahaha

And after dinner I like having some chinese tea.Ya know,for good digestion!*lol*