Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things you can find......

Today I feel a bit crappy after a long day in the office. So, might as well entertain my readers a bit. Yup. I know it's Saturday and I am working! The good thing about working on Saturdays is that the canteen is closed! Haha. We have to go out for lunchie instead. Weee~~!

I am sick of eating in the canteen already. There are only 3 stalls available and we always 'bong chan' the Chinese stall. From Day 1 till now, you can see the big difference on the amount of rice/veges I take. I think one day hor, I will only take ONE scoop of rice with some veges nia. My cheapest meal is RM 1.10. LOL. Now I usually take 2-3 scoops. LOL. I hardly take any chicken. Whenever I have chicken, you can actually see blood leaking out. Gross isn't it? It's a good way to save money and to keep fit right? *Giggles*

Sometimes I also 'bong chan' the malay stall. But now I am going to ban that stall FOREVER! I had their pasembur (one kind of Malay/Indian rojak) and I had diarrhorea on that exact day. I 'bong chan' the toilet for like 5-6 times continuously and in the end, I vomitted. And guess what, it was so gross that I can see a THICK THICK layer of oil. Ewwww! And GUESS WHAT AGAIN! That happened one day BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! Darn! I had to take MC on my birthday and postponed my birthday celebration to the next day. PATHETIC! I hate my birthday this year. And one fella still owe me something. BLEK!

Sigh. Don't wanna 'kek sim' talking about that again. But then again, I would like to thank my friends for remembering my birthday! Special thanks to CK, Mao (who is 1 hr and 40 mins late =P), Penguin, Ah Tze, Ah Boon, Janice, Ee Von, Wyenn, Lee, Fish, Sharon, KY, Robin, Chloe and 'I CUTT!' who made the effort to call or sms me. Not forgetting those who wished me online - Shin, Bob, Ah Mah and OMG, my tai lou David Goh. After all these years, he still remember my birthday. Amazing. Hehe. For those who don't remember, HAIH. Now I know who my close friends are. Even those I considered my buddy for several years. *disappointed*

Okay okay. Back to my earlier topic. In case you can't recall, it was about working on Saturday and how crappy the food is in the canteen. Yeah. I forgot what I've crapped earlier. LOL. We went to Sunshine market to have breakfast. The kueh tiaw soup tasted extremely yummy. But hor, I still like the one at Sg. Nibong. The kueh tiaw soup comes with lots of minced meat. When my friends came over to Penang, I brought them there too. They love it! Hmmm. We had McD for lunch. Don't you just love Mak Dong Dong? Darn. My colleague had ice cream and it was so tempting! ARGH! My tummy isn't well today (again). Sobs. I miss BURGER KING! And also Spore's Burger. What's the restaurant called again? Ahh. Carl's Junior! Wyenn/Robin! Tapao over here next time! *drool*

Yawn. This following is supposed to be posted ages ago. It's regarding my day trip @ Kelantan after my Perhentian trip. Paiseh. I miss the blue blue sea. >.<

On our way back

Crystal clear water

This is where we stayed.

In Kelantan. It's around one hour ride from the jetty.

The Landmark of Kelantan a.k.a The Clock Tower. Kuching one more special hor? We have a Cat Statue. =P

I forgot what this is. It's located at the entrance of the Palace.

You read it correct. My Tee is saying MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS & STOP READING MY T-SHIRT! Cute, isn't it? Bought it @ Bugis Street, Spore.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Oro? Sup Gear Box? Can someone tell me what this is? Some say it's the animals' punya gu*ahem**cough*gu*cough* punya soup. =P

Yummy food

This is BELUT! Eel. Nice also. At least I am not eating squirrel. There's this gal who said she ate squirrel before but not other animal like Deer (I can't recall what animal liao). I ask her why? She said squirrels are cute ma. Others are gross! DARN! What sort of excuse is that? So cute but still wanna kill them and eat! KNS! I was kinda offended. Why? My hamsters are cute also ma. Meaning she also dare to eat them meh? Grrr!


This is interesting xD Stupid signboard covered the part 'Maruah Terjaga' I think.

I love this pic the most. I macam very skillful hor? =P

8.30 liao. Kong BYEBYE to Saturday just like that. Sometimes I prefer to go to work rather than to face the wall at home. LOL. Penang is soooo boooorrrrinnnnggggg liao! >_<

A buddy of mine is getting married soon. I saw her lovely pics and awww. She's so lovely. How fast time flies. She has my blessings. Not sure if I can attend her wedding yet. Eek. My leaves are very limited lei. That's one of the disadvantages of entering a new company. Sigh. My colleagues have 18 days of leaves and I macam got 3 nia! WTF! But I got 13 days of MC. LOL.

This entry is getting more loso but I CAN'T HELP IT! Loveeee these wallpaper!! Wakakakaka.


Garra. Please don't die.

EEK. This entry is getting super cheong hei. I better stop now. My apologies if I do bore you. I present to you ..... My hammies! xD

Sooty: *My pathetic mumi is mou liew again*

Tooty: *oink oink* (In dreamland~) Oink is for piggies lei. How about hammies? =P

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