Monday, August 13, 2007

13th August 2007

Today is your birthday. But Mumi said we shouldn't celebrate your birthday anymore. We should all remember you by your death anniversary instead.

14th March 2004 is the date you left us. It has been 3 long years but to me, it is just like yesterday. I guess God must have his reason to take you away from us. Mumi said you are in heaven now, watching us above. Is that really true? I really wonder.

I still cry whenever I think of you. I don't know if you did hear me saying I love you before you left or not. I know I will regret for life if I didn't say that to you. It all started with ONE mosquito bite. A bite that cannot heal and it had cause you all those pains. Mumi said you never complain at all. You were strong. It was your body that cannot fight it. The infections had gone worst. All those treatments were not useful anymore.

I should have an eulogy for you during your funeral. Did anyone do that? I can't recall at all. It just happened too fast. All I can remember is that there were lots of nice flowers given by friends and families. I still remember you were covered with orchids all over and you looked peaceful. At that time, I really wished you were just sleeping and can wake up anytime. I guess it was hard to accept the truth.

I heard stories about your devotion to your husband and children. And I saw that borne out in your love for your grandchildren. I heard stories on how you and Ah Kung started dating.

I still remember how I cried when Mumi didn't allow me to sleep over at your place.

I still remember how you defended me when I was wrong.

I still remember that you will always prepare all those food I love.

I still remember that I shouted for your help when a doggy was chasing after me.

I still remember how nice the kueh chap was when you purposely bought it for me, knowing that I will come over to visit you.

I still remember how I cried when I came over to visit you, seeing that you have aged a lot because of the pain you were going through.

I still remember I stayed right beside you on that night. I can barely sleep. When I went to the toilet and came back to you, you were gone. Mumi said it's because you don't want to leave when I was right beside you. Is that true? I really regret not spending enough time with you.

You are the kindest people I have met. A person so pure with no temper. To me, you are just like our pure angel. You might be up there watching but in my heart, you will never be, never can be, gone. Now we need your full blessings. We will stay strong.

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