Thursday, August 30, 2007


After months and months of pondering.......

I finally got this!!

A FAST, SLEEK, WHITE LAPPIE!! **happy happy**

Now I am broke. Say goodbye to my 3.8k++. With such bargain and specs, I think it's worth it! And I've always wanted a WHITE laptop! And it's either Apple MacBook, Fujitsu, Sony VAIO or DELL. Heheh.

Hmm. FYI, I was on MC since yesterday due to some red eye sickness. Doc gave me 2 days of MC and I really fatt mou at home. Iskh. Anyways, I have recovered and am off for a trip to Malacca - KL later at 5 a.m. ^^

Happy Merdeka everyone! Drive safely if you are going for trips. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.......

Signing off,

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PoiPoi said...

so how was the melaka trip? gee.. i still havent post my trip up yet haha.. :P

btw ur Dell notebook still survive? hehehe.. my friend bought one and kaput after 2 weeks hahaa.. then take back to dell service center and exchange for a new one. good luck :P