Monday, August 20, 2007


This is Paris!! With Eiffel tower some more. Nice graphics right? I would love to visit Paris one day! ^^

Yeap. That is a scene in Ratatouille. Gosh! I love this movie so so much! It reminds me of my two hammies back at home. One THIN THIN Remy and one FAT FAT Emile. Just like my THIN THIN Sooty and FAT FAT Tooty. LOL. But Sooty is catching up soon. ^^

Ratatouille is actually a dish originated from Provence. Looks yummy in the cartoon lei. Can try out the recipe here and here!

It's definitely a MUST WATCH for cartoon lovers. I give this movie many many thumbs up! But if you find a rat cooking, will you dare to eat the food it cooks? LOL. ^^

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