Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Does Kelantan REALLY have THIS?

LOL. I was googling and I found this! LOL. Nana. This shop really exists in Kelantan ar? Kelantan version of Starbucks. Ada WIFI sini tak?

Currently feeling: SATISFIED! Why? Cuz I just had my BANANA PIE! ^^


wyenn said...

lol, i leave a comment here as u wished. they can have mutabak, y cant they have setabak. wahahhahaa~

maoi said...

Malaysia Boleh....
Kelantan BOLEH~~~!

Eryn said...

Lawak. Banana si beh lauya. Hng!

He said the pic is originated from Kedah one wo. Denying bah.

Nice one. Murtabak. LOL. Maybe they change it to Moonbucks next time.