Thursday, September 13, 2007

Me and My Work Desk

My Work Desk.....

My little soft toys at work...

My little amplifier hardware to play around and have caused me lots of headache *pain pain*

My current desktop pic! See how fat they are now! ^^

So, to force them to slim down, I bought Sooty and Tooty this! Now, I force them to exercise for an hour daily. Wakakaka.

It's so fun to see them rolling around in the house.... And when they are tired, they will just sleep in the roller ball and I have to hunt them down! =P

Okay. Enough of today. I am just trying to post something lame here. I know you guys are sick of my entry on Chipmunks liao. Me too. =P

Here's sth to tempt Robin! His favorite fried popiah.

Good luck in ur viva! And welcome back to M'sia! And one major announcement! He's going to Pangkor with 2 gals! So hang fuk oh! Bu yao luan luan lai oh! *ahem ahem*

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