Saturday, October 20, 2007

Celebrating Raya In Langkawi

We managed to cover most of Langkawi island within 2 days. We left Penang at 8.30 a.m. and reached the island around 11 a.m. Surprisingly, we were the last group that managed to secure a ferry ticket to Langkawi! Gosh! Banana went to the jetty to buy the ticket 1 day earlier and the salesperson told him that there were 7 seats left! So NGAM!!! The ferry ticket (to and fro) costed us RM 95 each. I wonder how much it will cost if we are to fly there using Air Asia.

After checking in to our apartment, we went to the Langkawi Cable Car which is located at the west of the Island. The cost is RM15 for adults and RM5 for kids.

The cable car moves quite fast to the top of the mountain on a 42 degree incline cable. It was a long, enjoyable and breathtaking journey. There are 2 stops on the cable car ride, one about halfway up the mountain and another on the top. Both have great lookout pavilions whereby you can see many islands and beaches.

I love the following photo. Look at the black clouds. From here, you can see Andaman Sea too!

After our cable car ride, we went to have a stroll at the Tanjung Rhu beach which is located on the north side of Langkawi.

From north, we went west. We thought of visiting the Gallery Perdana but it was closed! So, we went to Langkawi Bird Paradise instead. Yeah. We never see birds before. Doh! If I am not mistaken, the entrance fee is RM 12 (for those with MyKad). Yup. We paid 12 bucks just to see birds. LOL. Well, they have squirrels, porcupines, fox, crocodile, mouse deer, rabbits, etc. too.

Flamingos. Why they always stand with just one leg? From Google, this is what I found.

Flamingos frequently stand on one leg. Being able to curl the leg under the body, flamingo keeps the foot warm and converse body heat. Flamingo stands on one leg in both cool and warm environments.

The next day was spent on Island Hopping. To the South of Langkawi we went....

My friends all went for banana boat ride which was about RM 15 per person. I tried to avoid getting wet so I became their camera girl instead! I played with Sean's mighty SLR. Gosh! I love SLR!

They are not any normal birds. They are EAGLES! Lao Ing! *ahem ahem*

The island hopping took us at least 4 hours. After that, we went back to our apartment to clean up and went shopping! We bought chocolates. Yum. I am not a big fan of chocolate but I cannot resist myself from buying Cadbury's Top Deck. FYI, I only fancy white chocolate. The liquors are really cheap in Langkawi (duty free ma) and what did I get for myself?? A bottle of the 'air cap badak' (to buang haba) and and a can of SHANDY.

Haih. I am too GUAI.


Annie said...

I see what you did there! *ahem ahem*

Banana said...

Where is the "catchie mouse" game part? Where is the video? -.-