Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last week, I was looking forward to my weekend. Why? Because my housemate was not around and I can fully utilize the kitchen without ppl peeping on what I am trying to do! LOL.

Trial and error #1.

Pah Mee.

Also known as Heng Hua Mee. Heng Hua is actually a dialect spoken by the people in Putian of southeastern Fujian and counties under its administration. Hmmm. Does that mean my kampung back in China is Fujian? I really don't know. Like I care.

Okay okay. Presenting my unique Heng Hwa noodle which I brought back from Kuching.

It's actually thick/chewy and I added few ingredients like chicken, mushroom, veges plus eggies. The above pic is actually googled as I forgot to snap a photo of my first attempt of cooking this kind of noodle. It's a success but still, I think the one my mum cooks is way much better. =P

Trial and error #2.
Caramel Sauce.

Heck. How I wish my caramel sauce looks as nice as the above pic. I followed exactly the same recipe from this site but the outcome wasn't as nice as what they've said in the site. Mine is too bitter. Can someone please tell me why? Sobs. Here's what I have during the making.

Yeah. Macam chocolate eh? You have to fry the sugar until they turn brown/dark amber and then you have to add butter and cook till the butter melts. After that, you have to turn off the gas and add whipping cream to the pan. Start whisking them until the caramel sauce is smooth. Yadda yadda yadda. The end result DID look like the one in the previous pic.

Trial and error #3.

Konnyaku Jelly.

Nothing new about this as I have cooked this several times. I brought the jellies to the office and someone requested me to cook this again. ^^

Trial and error #4.

Banana Pancake with Chocolate Syrup & Ice Cream.

I used the expensive chocolate flavour Hershey's syrup and it tasted GREAT! You can even use the syrup to make hot/iced chocolate drink. Yum Yum.

Trial and error #5.

Hot chocolate with Marshmellow.

The end result looks like the one in the above pic. Forgot to take pic again of my lame attempt. Just that it's too sweet. Will try harder next time.

Perhaps, next time when I get my microwave/oven, I might try baking cookies and maybe my all time favourite, cheese cake! I got a recipe for cheese cake which requires no oven/microwave at all. We shall see. *grin*

Till then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Yay! Gonna have another weekend gateaway again. How to save money lei? But then again, YAHOO!! Gonna have another adventure again!


wyenn said...

wah, crap, i wanna that banana pancake with choc syrup!!! looks yummy to me!

PoiPoi said...

ho ho ho... ho jiak!

so when you reader get to taste it? :P

Annie said...

I volunteer to be your guinea pig for the cheesecake... :D