Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crepes Attack!

Chloe, Banana, Alex and Sean were here in Penang during the holidays and the first few days were spent in Butterworth and Langkawi. I'll blog about that later on because I am so tempted to blog about our trip to the Crepe Cottage in Penang to try out their yummy crepes/pancakes!

This will be a really brief entry (with photos of course!) ^^

#1. Crepe with Salmon and Salads

#2. Mini Hot Cakes

- 6 mini pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream & lemon

#3. Hot Apple on Ice Cream Crepe

- Julienne & cinnamon-coated fried apple on a crepe roll filled with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

#4. Crepe with Champagne Grape
- Comes with champagne grapes, a scoop of strawberry ice cream & whipped cream

#5. Traffic Lights
Fresh kiwis, mangoes and strawberries with vanilla ice cream on crepe

I've been to this shop at Gurney a few times liau and these are the other crepes that I've tried before.

#6. Tutti Fruitti
Fruit cocktail & ice cream on orange crepe

#7. Nutty Chocolate
- Comes with almonds, groundnuts, hazelnuts & chocolate sauce

Feeling hungry now? Hmmm. When I am free, I will make my own version of traffic lights, hot apple on crepe and mini hot cakes! *drool*

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