Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tooty In Action

Everyday I will visit Cute Overload and its ranking in Technorati is 85! Just imagine how many people visit this site. It is regularly updated with photographs of cute things, esp animals and I think everyday, there will be at least ONE new entry on something adorable that I will go /aww.

Well, cute things must be shared right? =P

I simply sent them a pic of Tooty sleeping upside town and wonder if they will upload it.


They really have an entry for Tooty in their website! So many ppl commented on her too. ^^

If you guys are interested, here's the link. One of the readers even commented this and I think it is so cute.

*gently lays Tooty down on a cushy piece of bread*

*lays drapes a slice of cheese over Tooty and tucks her in*

*warms frying pan*


c'mon hammy & cheese already! ;)

HA! HA! HA! Why everyone wanna panggang my hammies. Grrr..........

They even proposed several names for Tooty. Meatcup. Flippy. Ham Bone. Chuck Norris?

Tooty not cute meh? Grrr....


mrmiaow said...

wahaha.... i like the "warms frying pan" comment... >:)

imagine tooty is loving it on the pan... just like lying on a hot beach :p

PoiPoi said...

hehe.. i think u give her too much to eat laio. ah boh she wont sleep like tat always heheh.. :P